Global provider of premium Network Intelligence Solutions
PresiNET Systems?

Total View One allows you to:

Track millions of connections happening within your network.


View connection sources (internal & external), track connections, and view management level reporting.

and much more...

Our Story

PresiNET Systems is a global provider of premium Network Intelligence technology solutions. We are headquartered in Victoria, BC, Canada, with offices in California (USA), and a presence in the UK. PresiNET Systems today has an established global distribution network and international technology partnerships

PresiNET services governments at all levels, cities, military, multinationals, financial institutions, and multi-branch companies with anywhere between 50 and 20,000 users. PresiNET's TOTAL VIEW ONE products and solutions provide an enterprise class suite of network monitoring tools to provide real-time alerts, clear reports and investigative tools so that performance issues, security threats, unauthorized network use and rogue applications are no longer a problem.

Our People

Our Management Team:

Dean Pothorin (CEO) (Profile)

Jo Surich (Healthcare Marketing) (Profile)

Scott Hutchinson (CFO) (Profile)

Ryley Breiddal (CTO) 


The Clean Planet Initiative (Disposal & Recycling)

The Clean Planet initiative is intended to reduce the company’s environmental impact, save operational costs and educate employees to decrease their own carbon-footprints.

An integral component of the Clean Planet initiative, the PresiNET Product Recycling Service not only reduces materials going into landfill from PresiNET products, but creates a larger supply of spare parts to meet service requirements for older equipment still in use.

By shipping the legacy PresiNET equipment back to us, we can recycle what we can, and dispose of the rest in a manner that is best for the environment.  Please contact us for more information on the Clean Planet Initiative.