Effective visibility on user, server, web and application activities
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Network performance has a direct impact on financial revenues.

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Performance targets in financial trading networks are more stringent than in any other type of network deployed today. Message latency and data loss result in missed trading opportunities and have a direct impact on revenue.

TOTAL VIEW ONE is a network monitoring and analysis system, designed to provide visibility into network performance at the timescales which matter for financial trading. TOTAL VIEW ONE enables microsecond-level insight into latency and the conditions that cause it.

PresiNET’s TOTAL VIEW ONE makes it easy to quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve performance issues within ever changing financial network environments. It delivers views and dashboards that enable you to visually track network performance at a glance by:

  • Monitoring inbound and outbound data feed by transaction
  • Tracking all transaction loads on networks and financial servers
  • Providing detailed reporting on network congestion, applications, users, QoS and more
  • Analyzing abnormal events and abnormal patterns.

TOTAL VIEW ONE benefits include:

  • Maximizes IT budgets and ensures positive ROI by improving network performance;
  • Provides real-time alerting for rapid troubleshooting and problem avoidance;
  • Ensures effective bandwidth and transaction management;
  • Improves user-base productivity and professionalism through substantive transparency;
  • Provides auditability for policy and compliance purposes;
  • Improves security.
  • Provides comprehensive network management & data center monitoring
  • Delivers Intelligent network alerting and robust network reports
  • Is scalable, extensible, and easy to deploy

TOTAL VIEW ONE integrates into redundant infrastructures, and can monitor and correlate transactions across multiple switches and links.