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Network surveillance is a critical part of your SCADA monitoring system.

Managing SCADA networks demands a flexible IT-solution that provides competent network monitoring and reporting. With TOTAL VIEW ONE, SCADA networks now have the network analysis capability to support effective day-to-day operations.

SCADA generally refers to industrial control systems: computer systems that monitor and control industrial, infrastructure, or facility-based processes. To monitor operational systems from a centralized location, you need a communications network. This network provides you with a means to transport all information collected across the system. SCADA communications generally take place on Ethernet over internal LAN/WANs. In order for SCADA systems to operate properly, it is critical that communications between SCADA devices are performed optimally and securely.

Network surveillance is a critical part of your SCADA monitoring system. TOTAL VIEW ONE provides the following:

  • Ensure sufficient network capacity to support your site equipment
  • Network Performance alerting and troubleshooting
  • Real-time time connection tracking with date Stamping
  • Communication pattern, protocol and bandwidth analysis
  • Transaction Audit capability

TOTAL VIEW ONE will also enhance your security as per the US Department of Energy requirements:

  • Identify all connections to SCADA networks
  • Harden SCADA networks by identifying and removing or disabling unnecessary services
  • Track intrusion attempts
  • Perform audits of SCADA devices and networks, and any other connected networks, to identify security concerns
  • Establish a network protection strategy based on the principle of defense-in-depth

With TOTAL VIEW ONE, SCADA network communications are no longer an unknown element. TOTAL VIEW ONE will improve network performance and enhance your SCADA security.