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Surveillance helps performance, oversight and legislative reforms within your government network.

Public sector organizations face many of the same IT challenges as enterprises, as well as additional challenges such as the requirement to comply with legislation in areas such as data protection and freedom of information.

Like any organisation, public sector organizations and government agencies are reliant on their 'corporate' networks for all types of communication – both secure and open. In addition, a growing number of government agencies have a public-facing web presence through which they service their customers.

TOTAL VIEW ONE is the ideal solution for monitoring public sector networks:

  • Customizable report capability makes it easy to develop reports and alerts to enable the organization meet its local compliance obligations.
  • Continuous Monitoring for NIST Requirements.
  • Detailed performance monitoring to ensure effective delivery-of-services to customers
  • Monitors servers and databases, providing an independent audit trail of all accesses to sensitive information on the network.
  • Gathers information from the traffic flowing through the network, so there are no clients or agents to install, and no deployment issues.
  • Passive solution that has no impact on network performance.
  • Stores traffic data in its own secure database.
  • Available as a VMware virtual sensor that provides a single point of access to virtual and physical network traffic information.

Governments have the unparalleled challenge of protecting information that can be a matter of national security. Threats to government networks have increased exponentially with no indication that this trend will slow. IT network and security teams at the federal, state or provincial, and local levels are responsible for responding rapidly to incidents, keeping systems operational, monitoring for malicious material and information, and maintaining confidentiality.

Security monitoring is ONLY effective when an organization has established guidelines for what traffic/use "SHOULD" be on the network. With TOTAL VIEW ONE, the ability for IT teams to respond quickly to events and analyze data is quintessential to compliance and maintaining complete visibility of incidents, whether they are performance or security in nature.