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Business Advantages

Vigilant, Reliable, and Proactive Security

PresiNET's solutions utilize dynamic packet inspection (stateful inspection) and Artificial Security Intelligence Analysis technologies to provide tough, smart security solutions that don't just respond to threats; they actively disable them before they elevate to attacks. Our resilient firewalls use a solid-state design (no hard drive or moving parts to fail) to virtually eliminate hardware breakdown. In the rare case of a hardware failure, the firewall leverages optional integrated failover capabilities to ensure stability for mission-critical network environments.

Cost-effective, Co-managed Solution

PresiNET's Security Manager provides a leading-edge, comprehensive network security system for the lowest investment costs in the industry.

Firewall Hardware Included
PresiNET provides the vDeadbolt firewall device as part of our services. This means no capital expenditure is required for your network security infrastructure.

Co-managed Solution
Our expert security engineers manage your firewall security infrastructure 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year. That means your enterprise does not need to hire additional technical staff. And your current IT staff can focus their energy on core strategic business initiatives, while accessing PresiNET's real-time management reports and tools as required.

Expert Configuration and Maintenance

PresiNET works with clients to set appropriate initial security configurations and policy rules. Then our engineers continually update and reconfigure your security posture to address emerging needs, threats, and vulnerabilities. We also closely monitor the underground hacker community to ensure the best defence against attack innovations.

Scalable, Customizable, Integrated

A managed security service is only truly effective when it fits your enterprise's unique and evolving business needs. With the capacity to handle up to 350,000 simultaneous connections, 2 gigabits per second aggregate throughput, and 6 10/100/1000 Ethernet interfaces, PresiNET's Security Manager can be scaled to your enterprise's current and future requirements. And that's just the hardware. The software components of the firewall are designed to be fully customizable to allow your enterprise to set appropriate security policy rules. As well, our comprehensive standard monitoring and reporting package can be enhanced by integrating our Performance Manager and Network Visibility solutions.

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