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Performance Manager

Take advantage of the raw data monitored and recorded by your firewall. Integrate the Performance Manager with your security solution.

Business Advantages
Advanced Metrics and Statistical Analysis

It shouldn't take an advanced degree in mathematics and computer engineering to understand how your enterprise uses its network resources. The technology behind PresiNET's Network Visibility Manager turns meaningless raw data into useful measurements and statistics. Network Visibility Manager provides an easy way to transform data into valuable business and diagnostic information.

Easy-to-Read, Real-time Reports

All of your Network Visibility Manager's reporting functionality is available to you 24 hours per day. At any given moment, the reports give you easy-to-read graphic representations of exactly what's going on between your network, WAN and Internet. The reports offer time-frame and drill-down capabilities. These let you back up and look at data across a wider time span or dig down and investigate statistical details more closely.

Optimized Network Resources

The way an enterprise's varied employees and applications use the network and Internet can have a big impact on its bottom line. Ways to transform negative impacts into positive ones have become the straw-to-gold quest of the business world. PresiNET's TOTAL VIEW ONE, TOTAL VIEW Services and TOTAL VIEW GATEWAY give you the information you need to turn network resource inefficiencies into models of optimized network resource allocation.

Increased Enterprise Performance

The true value of network visibility tools is not only in the quality of their data and reports but in their ability to catalyze change in an organization. Information garnered from your Network Visibility Manager reports can influence, for the better, everything from technology acquisition and capacity planning to human resource policies, network performance and security. The end result is an enterprise-wide increase in productivity.

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