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Performance Manager

Take advantage of the raw data monitored and recorded by your firewall. Integrate the Performance Manager with your security solution.

Network Visibility Manager Reports
  All Network Visibility Manager Tools are either available on-line or they can be implemented by PresiNET's network engineers.


All Network Visibility reports are available to clients through PresiNET's secured online portal or, for TOTAL VIEW ONE users, from the TOTAL VIEW ONE portal. The reports offer real-time metrics, time frames, and drill-downs for reviewing the following types of usage statistics and analyses.

Basic Bandwidth

Function: Presents a basic breakdown of bandwidth usage information sorted by network orgin and application.

Applied Use: Identify how your enterprise can use bandwidth and applications more efficiently.

Practical Example: Determine which applications are causing the WAN network to perform poorly and when.

Detailed Bandwidth

Function: Presents detailed user bandwidth information organized by application and by user. Gives a detailed account of bandwidth consumption for both inbound and outbound traffic. Provides detailed auditing capabilities.

Applied Use: Identify, track, and manage all bandwidth users and applications.

Practical Example: An employee's use of bandwidth intensive applications (like music and video file-sharing programs) can be identified and chronicled. Policies and limits can be established and enforced.

Latency and Jitter

Function: Monitors every connection and times its Return Trip Time (RTT). Identifies if the network or applications is causing the high latency, pinpoints the users experiancing high latency and alerts to latency and jitter issues

Applied Use: Identify, track, and manage high latency environments.

Practical Example: Your companies remote location has started to experiance high latency and jitter on the WAN. You will receive alerts before remote users call and complain, and, utilizing the other Visibility tools, be able to identify the cause of the latency issues before it causes operational issues.

Detailed User Connection

Function: Tracks and records all user connections. Provides immediate visibility of peer-to-peer traffic. Analyzes information about the web sites that users visit most often and the applications users most often access. Perform detailed system audits and identify rouge applications.

Applied Use: Helps develop and enforce usage policies and provides an audit for all connections including web stats.

Practical Example: The IP address for an Internet dating service appears in the top ten most visited web sites. Human resources can create and implement policies to restrict access.

Trend Analysis and Reporting

Function: Presents analysis of current and past activities. Compares them with industry standards.

Applied Use: Establish a clear sense of where your enterprise network resource performance stands in relation to compiled averages over time. Also, provide trend and capacity planning reports to help predict future growth requirements.

Practical Example: Identify an outdated application with comparably heavy bandwidth usage and upgrade to the industry standard to decrease bandwidth costs.

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