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Enhanced Services
  Customize your G-series firewall's monitoring and reporting capabilities to answer your enterprise's needs.

Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)

A single PresiNET vDeadbolt Firewall can support up to six networks, including DMZ networks for public services. PresiNET can also support a mixture of network address translation (NAT) and transparent technology within these networks.

Virtual Private Networking (VPN)

Managed Virtual Private Networking (VPN) services from PresiNET provide secured and highly functional communications tunnels between multiple sites and remote users, regardless of their geographical location. A practical, cost-effective alternative to leased lines and dedicated circuits. More about VPN.

Content Filtering

Unlike other filtering solutions, Content Control from PresiNET realizes that a URL database alone is not enough to catch new and uncategorized Web content, which is constantly being added to the Web. As a result, Content Control analyzes all requested Web pages in real-time to ensure the highest level of protection while building the most relevant ratings database available, resulting in effective coverage of more than 1 billion Web pages..

Network Visibility Manager and Performance Manager

Integrating PresiNET's Netowrk Visibility Manager gives you access to comprehensive online reports that detail how your enterprise is using its Internet resources. Performance Manager puts you in control of your Internet/network gateway. Find out more about Performance Manager and Network Visibility Manager.

Community Control: Multi-Client Firewall

PresiNET's Community Firewall Security Solution eliminates the added cost and burden of traditional locally based firewall solutions by incorporating multiple Virtual Firewalls, Network Visibility and Performance Management solutions into one appliance. Each client protected by the Community Security Solution has a separate account for firewall rules and monitoring, allowing for independent client server accounts without having to share security rule sets or provide independent client firewalls.

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