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Premium Network Intelligence

  TOTAL VIEW ONE provides real-time, fully correlated network traffic reporting that pinpoints problems easily... usage abuse, security threats, performance problems, policy breaches and regulatory compliance. more

With our unique "Stateful Based Connection Tracking" Technology, TOTAL VIEW ONE Tracks 100% of
All Connections From Start-to-Finish


- Tracks 100% of all network traffic in real-time (no sampling)
- Only technology to analyze all connections from start-to-finish (connection lifecycle)
- Only technology to track the "State" changes looking for irregular connections
- Provides real-time and historical behavioural analysis and trending
- Provides deep packet application identification (layer7 analysis)
- Generates performance statistics on ALL TCP connections
- Does not use NetFlow (or xFlow) - No network overhead - Hardware agnostic
- Easy to install, easy to use and highly scalable


- 120% average improvement in application availability
- 54% average improvement in Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) application performance issues
- 85% success rate in preventing issues with application performance before end-users are impacted
- Use network and application performance data to create a long-term plan for managing application performance
- Develop capabilities for visibility into network performance beyond monitoring network hardware
- Develop capabilities for measuring the quality of the end-user experience
- Identify security threats like Viruses, Trojans, Hackers and misconfigured systems
- Identify mystery applications & performance bottlenecks from multiple perspectives
- Easily audit user activity for illicit and recreational network and Internet usage
- Track user and server loads and connectivity issues
- Generate audits, alerts, reports and records on all network activity


- Regulatory and corporate policy compliance (PCI, SOX, HIPAA)
- Complete and independent records of all network activity
- Secure and tamper proof logs
- Storage data for up to 7 years
- Improve operating efficiency within your network and organization
- Collaborative reporting for faster insight into what's running on the network

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