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Performance Manager

Take advantage of the raw data monitored and recorded by your firewall. Integrate the Performance Manager with your security solution.

How the Security Manager Works
  The first step is a detailed consultation with PresiNET's security administrators. We assist your technical staff with defining an appropriate and comprehensive security policy for your enterprise. Then we work out the specifications for configuration.

P resiNET security engineers configure vDeadbolt firewall appliances to the exact specifications of your enterprise and ship them directly to your site(s). From there, installation is simply a matter of plugging the firewalls into your network, your Internet connection, and a power source. Installation support and additional configuration assistance is available to fine tune your firewalls during the first month of operations.

Once they are up and running, the vDeadbolt firewalls establish a secure perimeter around your network and the Security Manager is now in place. PresiNET's firewalls utilize a proprietary, hardened operating system. This system employs an advanced firewall architecture known as dynamic packet filtering (or stateful inspection) and Application Firewalling. Information packets are thoroughly inspected and analyzed against security policy rules before they are allowed to pass through the firewall.

Firewall appliances on their own quickly become outstripped by new hacker techniques and security threats. To continue to provide optimal security, the vDeadbolt firewall must be able to adapt. That's why PresiNET's co-managed services are integral to our Security Manager solution.

In addition to the standard dynamic packet filtering, our firewalls use our Artificial Security Intelligence Analysis (ASIA) system. The ASIA system is designed to "learn" new hacking attempts from PresiNET's global network of security systems by identifying attack signatures and blacklisting potential threats before they can elevate an attack. Via connection with our secured operations centre, the vDeadbolt firewall is continually monitored and updated to provide the best protection for your network.

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