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Standard Features
  PresiNET's Security Manager offers a standard package of configuration options and monitoring and maintenance features.

Configuration Options

Network Address Translation (NAT) and Port Address Translation (PAT) - PresiNET's G-series firewalls produce robust NAT and PAT services to conceal the IP addresses of internal networks and to expand network address space for internal networks. Very complex routing capabilities are available.

Transparent Firewall - The firewall also supports transparent configuration enabling the network to maintain its real IPs and gateway information and avoid the hassle of reconfiguring workstations.

Monitoring Features

Known Network Attacks - There are many types of network attacks; including port scans, denial of service, and authentication attacks. When a network attack is detected, immediate event management occurs and the client is notified of the security event.

New Network Attacks - PresiNET monitors the firewalls for any suspicious network traffic or traffic patterns, not just for known network attacks. This means new types of network attacks can be detected proactively and prevented.

Management and Event Reports - Every month, our clients receive comprehensive, easy-to-read reports that summarize network activity and security events and breaches.

Network Connectivity Outages - PresiNET notifies clients of any network outages.

Appliance Performance Monitoring - Proactive monitoring of CPU utilization, memory usage, and other critical attributes for optimal firewall performance.

Maintenance Features System Performance Maintenance - PresiNET routinely tunes the system to increase performance or resource utilization. This may involve changes to the rule set's design, routing, and logging.

Hardware Lifecycle - PresiNET will replace the appliance at the end of its hardware lifecycle, or before if required. Replacements are included as a part of the service.

Configuration Backup - PresiNET maintains a 'mirror' image of the client' appliance configuration.

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